Eric Byenkya

President / C.E.O

Eric Byenkya, President and CEO, Bantu Energy Uganda Limited: holds BA Law from Canada (Carleton University) and a LLM from the UK (University of Kent). He has over 12 years’ experience across the energy, oil and gas/extractives industry. He is a dual trained commercial law and energy, oil and gas/extractives professional with global and local/regional (East Africa) experience and has played a leadership role in developing the geothermal industry in Uganda. He has previously held field site roles including as an experienced Measurement While Drilling Operator, In addition, Eric is a keen team player with a history of striving for excellence. A hard worker, dedicated to team success and overall company productivity, Eric has gained practical experience in the oil and gas/extractives industry working with Weatherford International And Canelson Drilling Inc and Phoenix Technologies. During this period, he completed numerous licenses and certifications related to the energy, oil and gas/extractives industry together with hands on training including Drilling Rig Hand Training / Hands-on Experience ENFORM/Nsiku; Introduction to the Canadian Petroleum Industry; Canadian petroleum Industry Certification. Eric also practices and serves as a mediator and arbiter for commercial contracts having completed the ADR Certification in Commercial Mediations and Negotiations.

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