Bantu Energy Uganda

Bantu Energy Uganda are delivering a 150MW Geothermal Energy Power Plant on its ninety-two sq/km concession, in the Panyigoro area, Nebbi District of Uganda. The concession with exploration number 1651, is located in the western arm of the East African Rift System.
This is a tectonically active zone with associated faulting and seismicity. Surface indicators of geothermal activity include hot springs, warm springs, hydrothermally altered ground, mineral precipitates (travertine, diatomic). Extensive geothermal exploration studies carried out over many years by the Ugandan Government, independent agencies and recently updated by Bantu Energy Uganda have confirmed a substantial geothermal resource of up to 150MW.

Bantu Energy Uganda are currently undertaking the last series of ninety-four geophysical surveys using the magnetotellurics (MT) method to probe in the deeper layers of the crust and identify the heat source, structural geological and hydrological mapping focused on locating drill sites and updating of the geothermal models and location of optimum drill sites

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